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  • Carson Center Boxing

    Carson Center Boxing

    Congratulations to Robert Jr. barraza brought back a win with his participation at the usa boxing event in carson city yesterday. Good job Robert and coach Hugo! ....

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  • Team Valiants Rounders BJJ

    Team Valiants Rounders BJJ

    Our Kids Brazilian Jiujitsu Team went out to the Dream Event this past weekend, 14 of our children participated it was a great event full of emotions and tons of experience. Thank you to all of the parents and the families that were out all day cheering on the team and a special shout out to the team Coaches Jonathan Marroquin and Andrew Vega thank you guys for everything that you do for the Team. ....

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  • Support system

    Support system

    Thank you everyone that came out to support our fighters Saturday at the knockout Promotions event. It’s really not the same without you all, we love to have you there cheering and chanting. ....

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  • Gloves & Cars

    Gloves & Cars

    Rounders Boxing team comes back with 3 wins from the gloves and cars boxing tournament. ....

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  • Knockout Promotions

    Knockout Promotions

    Steve Mora brings back the win with a submision via Rear Naked Choke in the 2nd round of the match, wrestling class have definetly paid off for this guy thats already a great stiker. ....

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  • Rounders goes 2-0

    Rounders goes 2-0

    Rich Palomino wins by guillotine choke in round one for the Jr welterweight kotc title and Aaron La Farge wins by unanimous decision . Thankyou everybody who helped us for the camp a great team effort by everyone . Coach Jacob Harmon, Hugo Vargas and Bao Quach and everyone at Rounders MMA! So proud of these two ! ....

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  • And New

    And New

    Richie Palomino The New King of the Cage Jr. Welterweight Champion of the World. This weekend in Parker, Arizona Richie took down and in only 39 seconds of the first round submitted his opponent via Guillotine choke. We are so proud of Richie and his hard work and dedication, we would also like to send a shout out to his Coaches that worked diligently to turn him into a mean machine, thank you Bao Quach, Jacob Harman and Hugo Vargas. Team Work! ....

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  • Capacities


    The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice. -Brian Herbert. Knowledge being instilled by special guest Alex Houssain. ....

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  • Make a List

    Make a List

    Make a List of things that make you happy. Make a list of things you do everyday. Compare the lists, adjust accordingly. -ANON Knee Drills. 🦵 ❤️🔥 ....

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