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Santa Ana Boxing Classes

Beginner Boxing Classes Enrolling In October

At Rounders MMA our classes are geared towards competition. We want out students to be fast, efficient, and highly skilled - this is why our trained instructors have created a program developed to push even the most accomplished fighter.


Push your physical limits with boxing in Santa Ana!

You will be learning the fundamentals to advanced techniques of boxing by using proper footwork, head movement, angles, and punching combinations. Feel your heart race as you glide through drills of jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts.

Shortly after starting our Boxing classes you will begin to:

  • Lose unwanted weight by burning hundreds of calories each session
  • Feel stronger and look more toned
  • Increase your stamina
  • Master your footwork and other essential fighting skills
  • Learn to anticipate moves and attacks

Get One Step Closer to Being a Boxing Pro at Rounders MMA

Equipment required to participate in this program includes: 14 – 16 oz gloves Head gear, mouth piece, and a cup. If you are interested in taking your boxing skills to the next level then this is the program for you. For more information, or to get started today, all you have to do is fill out the short form on the side of this page. Well look forward to training you!

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